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were happy to present to you our new gaming bros / knights clan site!
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have you heard of this indie game called
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Hawkdude   created a new thread Off Topic in the General Discussion forum
Hawkdudewe are streaming now! [link]
HawkdudeThis website has no purpose now but gamingbros unless we get a new server all that this website will be used for will be gamingbros videos and you guys posting your own creepypastas for me hawkdude to read on my youtube videos.
Hawkdude   created a new thread Reporting in the Gaming forum
GamingBros480/KnightsClan has reached a new hit record of 19 unique hits today!
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Minecraft HawkServer UP!!
site : steam gro...
Hawkdude   registered to GamingBros480/KnightsClan
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Hawkdudeheres my server [link]
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